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to collect my work for the exhibition, The Pole saw
me off at the Gare St. Lazare. I entered a third-
class carriage and in it I found a young man, Hans
Egli, whom I had known for some time and who had
married one of my friends. He was coming from
Switzerland with his youngest child, who was about
a year <Jld. He had with him also one of my guitars.
I had some wine with me. Some other people
entered the carriage and I felt rather embarrassed
as I was sure that they thought I was the mother of
the infant. A business man with a grey moustache
was sitting beside me. My friend handed me the
baby, who roared. I wished I could have jumped
out of the window. The business man smiled and
I handed him the baby. Hans and I, much relieved,
took down the guitar, and I opened the wine. The
baby was entertained by the business man and we
drank wine and sang songs till we reached Dieppe.
We got to London at 7.30 a.m. It was cold and
dreary and raining slightly, I took a room in a
hotel and went directly to bed, wondering what my
exhibition and the future would bring forth.